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Win More Horse Bets?

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2 Horse Betting Systems

Let’s start with a COLD HARD FACT:

There is NO “sure thing” in horse betting.

If you play the horses you will lose some bets and win some bets. There is no getting around that fact.

Every bet is a risk you take based on the odds, your experience, intuition…and sometimes dumb luck.

The KEY to making real money is betting only when the odds are in your favor and staying in the game long enough to win significant money.

To do this you need a PREDICTABLE SYSTEM. A system you can use over and over, that helps pick the right horses, size your bets, and take advantage of risk-free profit opportunities.

It’s NOT about “picking the big winner” or taking huge chances on long odds, hoping to 100X your stake on a single bet.

It’s about employing a predictable system that wins consistently over time.

So what makes a PREDICTABLE horse betting system?

A predictable horse betting SYSTEM requires 3 things to be profitable:

1) It identifies the best odds from various options

2) It has a highly consistent win rate, and

3) It is trustworthy so you feel comfortable following it, over and over again.

It takes years – decades even – to develop a profitable system that meets all 3 criteria.

These are the types of stats a system must achieve to be successful:

Developing a system like this is REALLY HARD. Producing winning bets consistently across thousands of horse races is nearly impossible for an average person.

In fact we strongly advise that you DO NOT TRY TO CREATE YOUR OWN BETTING SYSTEM. There is a 98%+ chance you will FAIL.

TO SUCCEED YOU NEED TO ADOPT AN ALREADY PROVEN SYSTEM. One that has been developed and optimized over many years by dedicated experts who make their living betting on horses with their own money.

With this type of system YOU WIN while EVERYBODY ELSE LOSES.

Two Systems that WORK

If you want to DRAMATICALLY increase your odds of winning there are two horse betting systems that have proven time and time again to work.

One is Old School and the other is New School.

The old school system uses nothing more than a Racing Guide and a set of basic rules to pick the right horses and size your bets. This is how successful old timers generally do it, and it still works today like it did in the 1920’s. It isn’t fast and it isn’t sexy, but winning is what you’re really after. This system will do it.

The new school system uses the latest online technology. It evaluates hundreds of races around the world, scans for the best odds, and places bets to capture risk-free arbitrage opportunities. Resident experts analyze the information then send you high probability betting tips with supporting analysis to act on.

These 2 systems will beat any DIY system you can come up with yourself.

Check out these 2 Proven Systems…

Click the links below. Mike Lane’s OSOP is the old school system and Punter Paradise is the new school system. You can access them from anywhere in the world.

We suggest you give both systems a try, then decide which one works best for you.

NOTE: If you sign up and pay for either of these systems we will earn a small commission. This does not increase your cost at all. Each system has a free trial and/or 100% money-back guarantee, so we only get a commission if you’re 100% happy and it works for you.

Do these systems work?

Here’s what one customer had to say after adopting one of these systems. He was a typical gambler before, playing the horses off and on for years, always losing more than he won (just like you probably)…

I have been a player for many years and never being a consistent winner and having lost more than I have ever won. Having read many books and devised many systems myself I never could come up with a winning program.

Being a skeptic about getting back into the horses and living in Las Vegas and the daily round trip to the nearest Casino to place a bet would be bothersome. I bought your program, and to my amazement its simple, easy and a winner. I have won over $2000 in just 3 months. the only sad part is there are some dry spells like May.

Thanks for sharing your program, I now enjoy playing the horses.

– Lloyd

This is a good example of what happens when a struggling player adopts a real system. $2,000 is more than his prior net winnings after many years of betting on the horses. By consistently following a successful system your net winnings can compound into big numbers over time.

Remember, horse betting is a risky game and there are no “sure bets”. But growing your stake and making real money (because you’re now “smart money” not “dumb money”!) is possible if you commit and stick with a system.

Check out Mike Lane’s OSOP and Punter Paradise. You’ll be happy you did.

Happy betting!