How Do Harness Racing Bets Work?

harness racing bets

Overview of Harness Racing Betting Harness racing is centuries old, with chariots pulled by horses depicted in ancient Greek and Roman pottery. Nowadays, it’s still a popular sport globally, with big events like the Hambletonian Stakes in North America and Prix d’Amérique in France.  Knowing humans, I’m sure a few wagers were placed on the … Read more

How To Increase Your Horse Betting Skills

How to increase your horse betting skills

Successful Horse Betting Takes Skill To become a profitable bettor with horse racing, it’s essential to master your skills.  In this article we’ll review the fundamentals of solid wagering and the analysis it takes to become consistently profitable. Keep in mind, the only thing riskier than betting on a horse is trusting a tipsy jockey’s … Read more

What Is An Arbitrage Bet in Horse Racing?

Horse racing arbitrage bets

Arbitrage betting on horse races is a technique that allows you to generate risk-free profits regardless of the outcome. This done by taking advantage of significant mismatches between the odds of a horse or horses winning. What is an arbitrage bet? An arbitrage bet is a bet that guarantees a profit, regardless of the outcome … Read more

What Are the Best Books on Horse Betting?

Best books on horse betting

Here’s a roundup of the best books on horse betting and betting strategy. In this article we cover the best books on: Thoroughbred betting Race form analysis Handicapping Horse betting systems Horse racing biographies Winning mindset for horse betting Your library won’t be complete without these books! Thoroughbred Race Betting Books The Winning Horseplayer: An … Read more

What Is the Minimum Age To Bet at a Horse Race?

The minimum age to bet at horse races

The Legal Age Requirement for Horse Betting First we cover the definition and reasoning behind the legal age requirement, and second we compare the minimum age requirements for horse race betting in different countries. Definition and Explanation of Legal Age Requirement The legal age for horse race betting varies. It is usually between 18 and … Read more

7 Most Popular Horse Betting Websites

7 Popular horse betting websites

Quick Takeaways: FanDuel offers a user-friendly interface and is available in multiple states, making it a popular choice for online horse betting versus going to the track. It also provides a wide range of deposit options and live streaming of horse races for an immersive betting experience. DraftKings, in partnership with Churchill Downs, offers a … Read more

Is Lifetime Win Percentage a Horse Betting Predictor?

Lifetime Win Percentage prediction

Overview of Lifetime Win Percentage The lifetime win percentage of a horse is a key metric for betting fans to forecast a horse’s potential success. This article examines the usefulness of lifetime win percentage as a predictor in horse racing. Overview of Lifetime Win Percentage This table shows the five racehorses with high lifetime win … Read more

Bet on the Jockey Instead of the Horse?

Bet on the jockey not the horse?

By betting on the jockey insted of the horse, you decide to prioritize know-how, expertise, track record, and character. The basic premise is that betting on the best leader raises the chances of success. The Importance of the Jockey Role of the jockey in horse racing The jockey plays a major role in horse racing … Read more

How To Calculate Payouts on Horse Racing Wagers

How to calculate horse betting payouts

Understanding Horse Racing Wagers To make informed decisions when betting on horse races, it is important to understand the various types of wagers that can be placed and what the potential payouts are. To help, we have created a table below. It shows the different types of bets and their respective payouts based on odds … Read more

Is There a Predictive Formula That Works In Horse Betting?

Predictive formulas for horse betting

Predictive Formulas for Horse Betting Developing a Formula for Horse Betting Can Be Effective Using a formula to predict success in horse betting can be a successful strategy.  Multi-factor models that examine past performances, cumulative odds, and other factors can help determine which horses are likely to win with greater accuracy. Below is a table … Read more

What Tricks Are Used to Manipulate Horse Racing Odds?

Tricks used to manipulate horse racing odds

Professionals in the horse racing industry employ various methods to sway betting odds in their favor. These techniques include manipulating the horses’ form and substituting jockeys. Common Tricks to Manipulate Racing Odds The following table showcases some of the widespread techniques applied to horse racing to alter or influence betting odds: Technique Description Horse Substitution … Read more

How Much Are The Odds Against You at a Horse Race?

Odds against you at the horse races

When playing games of chance, as you do at the racetrack, everybody wants to know “the odds” and whether they’re in your favor or not.  In this article we flip the question and show you how much the odds might be against you in a range of betting situations. Understanding odds in horse racing Gaining … Read more

Does Online Horse Betting Help at the Track?

How online horse betting helps at that racetrack

How Can Online Horse Betting Help Your Odds of Winning at the Track? Many people strictly bet on horse racing using online sites.  This is great if you have no access to a local track, or you want to bet on multiple races all over the globe. The American Gaming Association reported that the horse … Read more

How Much Do Harness Races Pay Out?

Harness racing payouts

Harness Racing Payouts: An Overview Harness racers are always enthusiastic about the potential rewards from their events. Harness racing payouts vary, depending on wager type (exacta, trifecta, superfecta or win bets) and the number of winning horses picked. Here’s a summary of Harness Racing Payouts: Wager Type Winning Horses Picked Minimum Payout Maximum Payout Exacta … Read more

What Statistics Does the Daily Racing Form Have?

Daily Racing Form statistics

Overview of Daily Racing Form statistics The Daily Racing Form provides a huge range of stats to help horse racing fans make smart decisions. These facts are essential and allow for accurate wagering. Column 1 has Jockey stats, like win percentage and earnings per start. Column 2 is for Trainers, with their win percentage, earnings … Read more

Why Do Horse Betting Odds Change?

why horse betting odds change

Shifting Horse Betting Odds As a newbie to horse betting, it can be hard to get your head around the odds. Here’s the lowdown on why and how the odds shift over time. The table below explains who drives the movement of odds up and down. Reasons Stakeholders Injury of Horses Players Change In Weather … Read more

Statistics To Help You Win More Horse Bets

Statistics to help win horse bets

Key statistics to consider before betting on horses To make informed horse bets, you must consider key statistics related to the track, jockey, trainer, horse form, and betting market. Analyzing track condition statistics can help you assess the horse’s abilities on different surfaces. Jockey and trainer statistics can offer insights into their past performances with … Read more

What Can Get You Banned From Betting on Horse Races?

Horse betting ban

Several activities can get you banned from betting on the horse races. Whether you get banned, suspended or otherwise depends on the venue and your role in the betting process. Stay away from these things if you don’t want to go to horse betting prison! Can you get banned from betting on horses? Yes, you … Read more

What Days Pay Best at the Horse Races?

what days pay best at the horse races?

In the world of horse racing, certain days tend to offer better payouts than others. By analyzing trends and patterns in race outcomes and betting numbers, we can identify the days that maximize payouts at horse races. To better understand this, let’s take a look at the data in a table format with columns for … Read more

Do Hyperactive Horses Win Races More Often?

Hyperactive race horse

Do hyperactive horses have an advantage when it comes to winning races? It’s a question that has racing aficionados pondering. Exploring the relationship between a horse’s energy levels and success on the track is challenging. It’s thought that energetic horses can benefit from their vivacious nature, being faster and more agile during the race. Some … Read more

Do Average Speed Ratings Impact Horse Betting Odds?

Average Speed Ratings in horse racing

In horse racing, average speed ratings (henceforth ASR) are a calculated value assigned to each horse in a race that is meant to indicate how fast the horse ran in relation to the track rating. The higher the ASR, the faster the horse ran. The goal is to determine if there is statistical evidence for … Read more

Do Calm Horses Win Races More Often?

Like any athlete, a horse that is calm, at ease, and focused on the task at hand is more likely to win than one that is stressed and worried. Similarly, How often do Favourite horses win? Also, it is asked, How often do high odds horses win? At odds of 1/100 to 2/5, the expected … Read more