About TheHorseBet.com

TheHorseBet.com is a blog about horse racing, betting and race tracks. Our articles help understand how horse racing works, what determines a winner and loser on the track, how to bet on horse races effectively, and information about race tracks around the world.

Horse racing has been a popular sport since mankind started riding horses thousands of years ago. In modern times it has become a global sport, with race tracks and events all over the world. Horse racing is one of the most-wagered betting sports, providing both entertainment and the opportunity to win or lose real money at the track, remotely or in online venues.

At TheHorseBet.com we cover most popular types of horse racing, including

  • Flat track racing
  • Jump racing
  • Endurance racing
  • Harness racing

We also strive to cover information on different racing horse breeds, such as:

  • Thoroughbreds
  • Standardbreds
  • Arabians
  • Quarter horses

In our articles we delve into race horse nutrition, training, care, transportation and on-track strategy. Our goal is to deliver informative and useful information that will help you enjoy the sport and perform better in your racing wagers.

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