What Can Get You Banned From Betting on Horse Races?

Several activities can get you banned from betting on the horse races. Whether you get banned, suspended or otherwise depends on the venue and your role in the betting process.

Stay away from these things if you don’t want to go to horse betting prison!

Can you get banned from betting on horses?

Yes, you can get banned from betting on the horses.

Betting with bookies

If you place your bets directly through bookmakers (bookies), you may be barred by them if you win too much. However, in most cases, you need to be winning a lot of money consistently – enough to make a living from betting on the horsesbefore they’ll suspend or ban you. A bookie won’t ban you unless they believe you are a financial liability since they want as many gamblers as possible to wager money with them.

Betting Online

You are only permitted to have one account per online betting site; if it’s discovered you have multiple accounts with them, you will be banned and the accounts will be closed. This is the major cause of a betting account being closed or frozen. Abusing free bets and getting shut down by the bookmaker is commonly referred to as “gubbing”.

A good list of online horse betting rules is provided by Bovada here. It’s worth a read if you’re interested in what you can and cannot do.

Betting as a Racing Participant

  • Jockeys are generally prohibited from betting on horse races in any way. In the UK the British Horseracing Authority rules state: “A Professional Jockey must not lay or back bet on a horse in any race, or instruct another person to do so, or receive proceeds from such a bet.” The rules in the U.S. are similar, with jockeys banned from betting on ANY horse races, even ones they’re not involved in.
  • Trainers are prohibited in the UK from placing bets on the horses they train, and betting against their horse (laying a bet) in a race. Otherwise, trainers are not banned from betting on horse racing in the UK. In the U.S. trainers can bet for their own horse, but cannot bet against it; any bet placed on a race must be FOR the horse they trained.
  • Owners are the least likely to be banned from betting on horses. However, while they are allowed to bet FOR their own horse, they cannot bet AGAINST their own horse.
  • Stable employees are also not allowed to bet against the horses they care for. These people have intimate knowledge of a horse’s health and performance, and allowing them to bet against their horse would give them undue odds in their favor if a horse was lame or sick.

Underage Betting

Most countries and states have laws that prohibit betting on horses under a certain age. If you are under the legal age limit you will automatically get banned from the venue.

Likewise, the underage bettor’s parent or guardian could also be banned from betting, if not prosecuted.

Living In a State or Country Where Horse Betting Is Illegal

In these U.S. states, betting on horses is illegal. If the bookmaker finds out you live in one of these states, you can be banned from betting on horse races.

  • Arizona (you can bet at a horse track in Arizona, but not online)
  • Nevada
  • Tennessee (you can bet on horses online, but not at a horse race)
  • Texas
  • Other states with strict gambling laws: Alaska, Utah, Georgia, Missouri, Mississippi, Nebraska, South Carolina, and North Carolina
banned from betting on horses

What is the difference between “suspended” and “banned” in horse betting?

When a betting market is shut down for whatever reason, it is referred to as a suspended bet. The term “suspended” is most often used when a sports event is taking place and something has occurred that is expected to significantly alter the in-play odds.

This is different than being banned, which means an individual is prevented from participating for a specific reason — typically breaking the stated rules.

How do you avoid getting banned?

The most obvious answer is to follow the rules.

If you want to bend the rules, your goal is to avoid being labeled a bonus abuser. On your bet stakes, use round numerals. For deposits and withdrawals, use e-wallets. Only withdraw once per month or less. Never go with the best odds every time. Intentionally lose, or lost small, and cover yourself by exchanging.

How to avoid being gubbed by bookies?

Method #1: Don’t always place your qualifying bets at the highest odds.

Method #2: Lay in-play wagers (betting on a horse race while it’s in progress, if you can)

Method #3: Bet to place with multiple selections in one bet.

Method #4: Avoid placing bets on obscure horses. It makes you stick out like a sore thumb when you win big on random horse.

Method #5: Vary your the sizes of your stake. Most statistically-driven gamblers bet with consistent size stakes because they’re controlling for percentage win odds. If you vary your stake size it eliminates this pattern. You don’t have to vary much, just bet different amounts like $105, $98, etc. instead of $100.

Method #6: Bet like a beginner. This video should help:

Will betting apps ban you for winning too much?

Because bookmakers have the right to allow or prohibit anybody from playing on their own platform, it is theoretically feasible that they may ban you for winning too much. In actuality, being banned is relatively uncommon and is more often the result of breaking an obvious rule or regulation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Getting Banned From Horse Betting

Can you get banned from Sportsbet?

Yes, you can get banned from Sportsbet if they determine that you are a bonus or winning wagerer, in which case they may decide to restrict your bets or ban you entirely.

How can I avoid being banned on bet365?

  • Spread your wagers across many bookmakers.
  • Place “round numberwagers.
  • Where possible, place your fixed-odds wagers early.
  • Diversify on the types of bets and horse races.
  • Make small, pointless wagers.
  • Withdraw your winnings infrequently (the platform wants your money in their accounts so you lose it back!)

Does Betway ban winners?

Betway does not ban winners, but they do have a general policy to not allow people who have won big and continuously to continue betting on the site. This is common on most betting venues.

Can you have 2 betting accounts?

You can open more than one betting account, yes. Although it is technically possible to have accounts with as many bookies as you desire, it is often not permitted to have several betting accounts with the same bookmaker.

Can Dutching get you Gubbed?

If you make sure you also grab offers and mug bet often, placing an infrequent wager is probably not going to result in any account limits. Regular dutching, on the other hand, will be noticed and your account will be gubbed if there is no account preservation.

Can a betting site refuse to pay?

Since gambling debts of any type are seen as a “debt of honor,” there is no law that can be used to enforce them. This is true for all bookmakers, casinos and even football pools. In instances when a betting coup is suspected, bookmakers sometimes refuse to pay out with legal impunity.

Can horse betting bookies take your money in the UK?

The Gambling Commission in the UK assists you in getting your money out. They contend that bookies shouldn’t unjustly hang onto your money.

If they see any suspicious behavior, however, bookmakers have the right to prevent you from withdrawing your winnings.

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